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She worked to strike a balance between running an ethical company—including ensuring workers were paid a fair wage—and keeping prices reasonable. Much of the line is priced well under $200. And while most consumers looking for ethical clothing are willing to pay a little more for it, Balti’s ambition for Amour Vert is for a wide swath of consumers to wear it, and that means keeping the line affordable. “The more consumers who can buy our clothing, the greater the impact of our brand will be,” she says. The shift from selling to big stores to selling online came with some challenges. “Ecommerce is much more capital intensive than wholesale,” Balti says. “The hardest part of a business like this is customer acquisition. There is so much noise, so many things claiming our attention that it can be hard to break through.” Nonetheless, the brand has grown without any formal public relations, relying on word of mouth and social media. It sends monthly catalogs to consumers, and Balti says careful targeting has helped make them a reliable source of revenue. The company’s sweet spot is women from their late twenties to forties.

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Trolli Sour Gummi Worms Mokuyobi Clothing Merch

Called #WeirdlyWoven, the clothing doesn't just have Sour Gummi Worm prints and Trolli's bubbly logo, it actually puts those things onto '90s fashion staples. A boxy windbreaker is in the lineup along with fanny packs (a staple if there ever was one) and iron-on patches (just the thing to bring back DIY denim jackets). Fans looking for a less-permanent way to show their Technicolor pride can opt for the pins, with rainbow-colored worms and another lunchtime staple: the milk carton. A few of the shark-embellished pieces even boast a secret compartment, which makes for the perfect place to stash some sour worms. Picking up the hat could be a great way to show everyone at yoga that you're not against refueling with gummy candy. It may look like a throwback collection aimed at cashing in on nostalgia, but Trolli's actually celebrating the decade when it introduced Sour Gummi Worms to the masses. Certain items are already selling out — that shark backpack is coveted, to say the least — so anyone looking to dive into this wonderful rainbow needs to act fast. Like recess and Big Sticks, good things don't last forever.

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