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That’s a big drop from a generation ago, according to one shop owner. “In 1994 there were 94 comic shops in San Jose alone,” said Bruce Tritch, owner of SpaceCat Comics on West San Carlos Street. For at least the past decade, comic books  have also been available in digital format, so you might think that explains where readers have gone. But of the $1.03 billion the industry made in 2015 according to retail tracker Comichron, only $90 million was sold digitally. A Washington Post study in 2014 showed only 9 percent of millennials liked reading books in that format. And buying digital copies of comic books isn’t cheaper, either. The digital version of a comic book costs the same amount as a physical copy. But a good part of comic book sales may be going to collections called trade paperbacks, which are popular on retail sites like and Barnes & Noble. “It’s so much easier, I just don’t like to go into the store and see if they have the comic book I want,” Erik Guzman 17, from San Jose said. “But I would go to comic book store if I knew of any.” But for other readers, price does play a part. “Why would I spend money on  them when I could read them online for free?” said Malik Brown, 27, a San Jose resident who said he’s not very invested in the collecting culture.

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There's a huge sale on RPG Maker on the Humble Store

There's a huge sale on RPG Maker on the Humble Store Do you love playing games but wish you could make one yourself? It's not that hard to get started, and RPG Maker is a great tool which is becoming more and more popular. There's a big Degica sale going on right now on the Humble Store , where you can find various RPG Maker versions, plus a bunch of actual RPGs, at discount prices.  RPG Maker is responsible for hundreds of games per year being released on Steam. They're not all classics, of course, but quite magnificent games like To the Moon were designed using it. It used to be more of a hobbyist tool, but it's now become wildly popular on Steam for a variety of reasons .  RPG Maker MV is the newest of the tools on sale, and can be found for 60 percent off . Prior to MV's release, RPG Maker VX Ace was the most robust of the programs, and it's a massive 80 percent off right now . Various other RPG Makers are cheap too, but those two are the ones you should be looking at if you want to make something a bit more complex.  Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info. 

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